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Academic Projects

Night Heist

Producer, Audio Lead, and Technical Sound Designer

April 2018 - Present


Night Heist is a 3D networked multiplayer stealth action game set in a sci-fi setting where two teams of two players attempt to defend or steal precious artifacts from a museum filled with various security. 

As of now, the project has 6 designers, 6 programmers, 10 artists, and 4 sound designers. 

On this project we're using Wwise 2018.1.1.6727. In addition to being the producer and audio lead on this project, I'm also serving as the technical sound designer. I am in charge of utilizing Wwise to help create the interactive soundscape desired for the game.

Juice Bowl Jamboree

Producer, Composer, and Sound Designer

September 2017 - July 2018


Juice Bowl Jamboree is a third person, boss-brawling melee game for a single player in a gameshow-esque arena that shifts with the phases of the boss.

During my time on this project, I managed a team of 1 designer, 3 programmers, 5 artists, and myself as the sound designer. Within this project, the largest challenge that the team faced was rescoping the game after the team lost half of its original leadership. By the end of the year, several faculty stated that our game was the most complete student project of the year.

As mentioned above, I also worked on the audio of this project. Using FMOD Studio, I designed adaptive music based on boss-and-player states as well as an adaptive audience that reacted to the actions within the game. Several important sound effects were made to resonate in-tune with music depending on the time. 

Field Punk

Composer and Sound Designer

September 2017 - April 2018


Field Punk is a dynamic 2D puzzle platformer where the player uses magnetism mechanics to interact with the environment in an Asian-themed Steampunk dystopia.

On this project I used FMOD Studio to design an adaptive soundscape. Musical cues were synced to certain animations, such as character activating checkpoints, and several pieces of the environment produce sounds as they're interacted with. The first level of the game has an adaptive audio track that has vertical layering that changes as the player progresses through the level.

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